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Actions required to complete the steps necessary for the recognition

1. Receiving the responses by MES of Ukraine from officials of other states, foreign educational institutions, accreditation boards and information centers on academic mobility and recognition to the requests for:

  • compliance with approved standards of educational documents;
  • the fact of training and issuing any foreign educational document;
  • the official recognition of an educational institution or its affiliate in the educational system of the country of origin concerning a certificate of education;
  • the academic and professional rights, granted to the owner of a document on education, for the evaluation system at the time of issuance of a certificate of education, and other information required for the procedure of recognition and, equivalence of foreign educational document in Ukraine;

2. Getting the Comparative analysis by MES of Ukraine of the curriculum content (plan), for which a foreign educational document was issued, to the content of the curriculum (plan) of the adjacent or direct specialty in Ukraine (if necessary);
3. Receiving the results of additional training, competency testing (if necessary) by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.