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Under martial law we offer the following options of documents’ submission:

  1. Submit a file of documents in electronic format, signed by QES (qualified electronic signature) of the applicant: by submitting all documents in electronic format, collecting a certificate in our Kyiv office or ordering courier delivery to the address of the applicant.

  2. Submit a file of documents in paper format: by sending the file by courier service or via representative and collecting a certificate in our Kyiv office or ordering courier delivery to the address of the applicant.

  3. Take advantage of the remote form of submission of documents: includes preliminary analysis of scanned copies of documents, provision of recommendations to the applicant, submission of electronic documents certified by QES (qualified electronic signature), or paper package by courier service, including sending out a certificate by courier service to the applicant. Please read detailed information on remote submission of documents (without a visit to the office).

Pay attention! Regardless of the method of submission of documents you have chosen, it is necessary to register your Personal Cabinet and create an electronic application. High-quality scanned copies of documents must be attached to the electronic application. The applicant is responsible for the completeness of the prepared package of documents, the correctness of its content and the compliance of electronic copies with the original documents.

Due to the need to comply with the requirements for confidentiality of information obtained in the process of working with documents, we have no right to disclose it to third parties by telephone. Therefore, all recognition information is provided by telephone only to applicants and/or holders of foreign educational documents.

Please indicate in the application the active e-mail address, active contact numbers and the actual postal address.

Some files of documents may require pre-processing during 10 working days after receipt and registration. During this time, the Centre's specialists check the completeness of the submitted documents and the correctness of their content.

If the documents submitted by the applicant are incomplete and (or) incorrectly filled out, or the submitted foreign documents on education are not subject to recognition in accordance with applicable regulations, they are returned to the applicant without consideration on the merits with notice of the reason for refusal.

Processing educational documents in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is as complex and responsible task as processing any other documents of yours in visa centers, embassies, etc. Therefore, we kindly ask you to treat this process responsibly and follow our recommendations as accurately as possible. This will greatly simplify and speed up our cooperation.

Pay attention! The processing of documents starts the next day after receiving a complete file of documents by specialists of our Centre and full payment (Article 253 of the Civil Code of Ukraine). Thus, the day of submission of the file of documents during the processing period is not included.

Thank you for understanding!